So the apocalypse failed to materialise and, predictably I might add, Harold Camping revised the date and made an excuse. What a crock of shit. On a lighter note, the Cambridge Beer Festival is on and I've got tomorrow off work. Bring it.


Updated a load of posts to fix an issue with the css and now all the insert dates are screwed up.... Ah well.

New ink!

Here it is, took me ages to get a picture of it, apparently photographing the back of ones neck is nt the easiest thing to do.

New tattoo


Apparently the rapture is fast approaching, or at least it is according to this bunch of kooks. I, for one, will be spending Saturday, May 21st down the pub with the rest of my heathen, largely non-theist friends. We will drink and make merry and on May 22nd when nothing of any value has happened (unless I get laid on the 21st, then I'll be rapturing all night long...) I will be interested to see how many people vanished or got teleported up to the mothership or whatever it is those silly idiots think will happen.

In the mean time here is an image that made me smile. I'd say the guy on the left is pretty spot on.

repent unto Hawking!

Awww yeaaaah

New ink soon, watch this space :)

Bin Laden is dead, big whoop.

So Bin Laden is apparently dead. In exchange for 3000 American civilian lives the US has killed approximately 24,000 Afghans, 100,000 Iraqis and another 4,000 American Military personnel, all this amid the greatest crack down on freedom and civil liberties the modern western world has ever seen.

For their sake I hope it was worth it, but somehow I just can't fathom it.


Yay, someone's made an animated version of Tim Minchin's 'Storm', an excellent take-down of moronic hippy bullshit by Tim.

New ink!

Got a new tattoo today and here it is:

new tattoo

Someone finally fixed the last supper...

scientists last supper

Recycling other peoples talent.

Mainly because I'm a)tired and b)spending most of this week drinking as it's my birthday on Thursday (20th Jan). I'm going to be 27. Ah how the time flies. In the meantime here's a comic from XKCD that I particularly like.

xkcd comic

© Randall Munroe

Epic indie filmness!

If you haven't seen The Gamers (and you're a fan of D&D/roleplay gaming etc) then you're a fucking philistine and should kill yourself. Alternatively you can check out the Dead Gentlemen Productions website for more information, or if you want to cut to the chase and buy some stuff then go to their store page here. Please do and help support them, they're making great RPG based comedy here with a less than shoestring budget.

In other news, I have a Samurai umbrella and your argument is invalid.

my samurai umbrella

Straight up.

Food for thought.

My good friend over at Philosophukka made a very interesting point earlier which we had a little thread about on facebook. Here it is verbatim but with names removed and substituted for our respective pseudonyms.

Philosophukka: "I do not fear death. I was dead for billions of years before I was born and never suffered the slightest inconvenience from it" - Mark Twain

Thumbnail: A fair comment from Mr Twain however what scares the fuck out of me is the concept of dying now that I've had a taste of life. The unfortunate thing about being an atheist is that once we've lived we have no consolation for afterwards.

Ultimately I feel that this realisation of the brevity of life and existence is life affirming but at the same time it's scary as fuck to have to face the fact that our mortality is inevitable and without recourse.

As an atheist I often hope that I'm wrong but without any form of logical and verifiable evidence for any form of afterlife I must logically conclude that such a thing is merely a byproduct of wishful thinking on the part of those that lack the psychological fortitude to face their own brief existence.

It might not be pleasant but truth is truth. However bleak it mat seem, I'm thankful that I've had the opportunity to live a life within this most marvelous and ultimately beautiful universe. I can only hope that as a species we continue to develop and eventually shake the bonds of our current planetary prison and, should technology and the will to explore give us the power to do so, advance onwards to other planets and solar systems.

In the immortal and wise words of Bill Hicks: "If we took all the money we spend on defense and killing people, and took that and used it better; we could, as one species, spend the rest of eternity exploring the galaxy together".

A visionary before his time, and ultimately wise far, far beyond his years. He will be missed.

Philosophukka: Well put. That Hicks is gone and Forsyth still walks among us is all the proof I need of an atheistic universe.

It is fuckin scary though isn't it? To stare down the barrel of mortality every day and know there's no safety net, no reset button, no redemption?

But that's just the way I like it brother! It's the biggest adrenaline rush known to man to stand in the middle of the universe and suck in experience through every pore knowing any single moment of it could be your last.

To know that you have but a few lousy heart beats to discover all you can about what it means to be alive so the best you can do is try and build the tower of human knowledge and experience just one brick higher for the next guy.

To know that we cannot waste a moment of it, being oppressed, or downtrodden or unhappy because fuck man LOOK AT IT ALL!!!! It's beautiful. It's very fucking far from perfect but it is most definitely beautiful and we are all very, very fucking lucky to have seen it at all.

Dawkins (as always) hits the note bang on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXgOlis1tLw

And I'm back.

Quick update, I hope everyone had a great New Years and Xmas (preferably without the bronze age mythology getting in the way of a good time) and all that jazz. I certainly did and I also got Assassins Creed: Brotherhood a couple of days ago. All I can say about that is 'Wow.', fucking awesome game even with Assassins Creed's legendarily iffy controls and some missions that can be more than a little irritating. Until I have something more interesting to say here is a duck:

Look at this duck!

Dressing is now off

The dressing is now off on my arm, as you can see it's still a little red around the edges but otherwise looking good:

new ink

I think I might get a circuit board motif around it in a kind of biomech/torn flesh style.. not sure yet ;)