I have a confession to make

I've started using Gnome 3 and whilst I found it requires some tweaking to suit me it doesn't actually suck. I feel a tad weird about it but I've found it quite nice so far. Yes it eats ram and CPU cycles but on a dual core i3 at 2.4gHz and 4 Gb of ram I don't really see this as a problem. I've come around to the idea that system resources that you aren't using are essentially being wasted and should the occasion ever arise where I REALLY need to get the absolute max out of my box I can always just change my session back to openbox and forego all the Gnome integration. This especially rings true on my desktop at home that is currently a media and gaming machine in my living room. It's simply a lot easier to put something easy to use on there rather than spend time teaching my girlfriend the intricacies of using openbox. If she really wanted to learn all about rc.xml she'd ask me to teach her and I would but when all you want to do is get on steam or netflix I've found that Gnome 3 isn't bad at all.

Acquisitions Inc, Numenera and The Gamers new Pathfinder module!

This is one for the tabletop gamers, anyone that knows me knows that I play and run D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and hopefully soon Numenera too. A lot of D&D players are quite fond of the Acquisitions Inc. podcasts but unfotunately WotC don't make it very easy to quickly download all the podcast episodes so that they can be listened to at ones leisure. So for Linux users here's a quick solution (requires the youtube-dl application):

youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLQ6CaZ3FcD9KC5woxHpwknSGSyDGn5vBt

That'll get you all the podcasts and I think the Pax D&D live games but you may have to download some of the live shows separately, I can't remember which ones are in that playlist.

In other fun news followers of The Gamers series (The Gamers, The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising, The Gamers 3: Hands of Fate) might be aware that the guys from Z.O.E have produced a Pathfinder module called The Shadow's Dungeon. That's out now for backers and I'm proud to say that I contributed the minion character Craven Fir (based on a D&D 3.5 Mongrelfolk rogue I used to play). I'm hoping to modify and run the module for my group sometime soon.

Lastly, a new Numenera supplement is coming out in May with a ton of new character options. Looks pretty awesome. I'm definitely going to get it.

So it's been a while

But it's not like anyone reads this site regularly so that's ok. Lately I've discovered Welcome to Night Vale and have began the process of listening to every episode in order, repeatedly. I was using their youtube channel to playlist the episodes but it turns out there's a missing section in episode 16 (I think) and the entirety of episode 17 is blank. So I decided to download all of the mp3s from the site. For anyone that uses linux and wants to do this, here is a simple script that pulls all the mp3s and puts them in a folder called nightvale in your home directory:

 more_pages=$(wget -O - -q http://nightvale.libsyn.com/webpage/category/general | grep 'class="page"' | wc -l);
 function get_files_per_page {
   for i in $(wget -O - -q $1 | grep .mp3 | sed -re "s:^.+a href='([-_a-zA-Z\:/\.0-9]+)'>.+$:\1:" | uniq); do
     if [[ ! $(ls $directory) =~ $(echo $i | sed -re 's:^.+/(.+\.mp3)$:\1:') ]]; then
       wget $i;
       printf "$i already downloaded, skipping...\n";
 ## Let's do this.
 if [ ! -d $directory ]; then
   mkdir $directory;
 cd $directory;
 get_files_per_page $front_url;
 while (( $count <= $more_pages )); do
   page_url="$front_url/page/$[ $count + 1]";
   get_files_per_page $page_url;
   count=$(( $count + 1));


It's Friday!

evilerik: There is not a programming language on the planet I can not corrupt :)
slackthumbz: I'd like to see you try brainfuck
evilerik: that would be like trying to corrupt an Italian politician

I hate these 'facts' sites that seem to be so profligate these days.

Seriously, whenever you see something 'incredible' please remember that this literally means 'not credible' despite its more common usage in modern parlance. Do yourself a favour and double check it on a site like Snopes before you repost it all over the internet because a pedantic arse like me will almost certainly check it and tell you what an idiot you are for not doing any due diligence

Trollin', trollin', trollin'

I find it somewhat annoying that these days people equate being an overtly obvious obnoxious dick with trolling.

There once was a golden age when trolling was all about being a very subtle obnoxious dick.

Those were the days before the White Knights got all high and mighty and started calling the waaaaaambulance at the drop of a hat. The internet used to be a frontier for linguistic duelists, skilled in the art of the silver tongue and razor sharp wit.

Now it's an aggregate of poorly captioned cat pictures and ignorant morons who think that calling someone a twat and then saying "LOLZ JUS TROLLIN" is trolling. It's really not. It's being a cunt.

Here's one for the Apple fans

سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ

See here as to why.


Today I found out that my father is finally off of all his post-transplant meds (bone marrow transplant for leukemia), his bloodwork is looking great and he's feeling good. This. Is. Awesome. Seriously, I couldn't be happier but then I read the comments on facebook and all I saw was various members and friends of my step-family (mostly Phillipino Catholics) giving praise and thanks to their god without a word of gratitude to the real hero here; science.

God did not save my fathers life. Seriously, I cannot fathom their logic in this. Apparently god doesn't intervene to prevent people getting life threatening illnesses but after science and medicine has cured them it's all somehow thanks to the grace of a so-called loving god that could easily have just not allowed this shit in the first place. Sorry, but no. You don't get to cherry pick what is and isn't the work of god. Remember that catastrophes are just negative miracles. If god does intervene why is it only ever after things have gone horribly wrong first? Why don't you blame him when catastrophes happen to good, innocent people? Or does that not fit your paltry confirmation bias? To me this whole situation highlights one of the biggest problems of religion, that it teaches people not to think critically and frankly I am appalled.

In the absence of those individuals recognition of the real heroes of this scenario I'd like to give my utmost thanks to the doctors and nurses that tended to my father during his illness, to the surgeons and support staff that carried out his bone marrow transplant and to the giants of research and development upon whose shoulders all these wonderful, dedicated medical professionals stood and exemplified the highest ideals of their profession.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so, so much. You saved my fathers life and I am eternally in your debt.

A wild banner appears!

You may notice the big fuck-off banner at the top of the page, it's not advertising, rather just trying to help spread awareness in light of all this NSA PRISM and GCHQ Tempora shit that's been revealed.

Pro-tip: Ed Snowden is a hero.

Oh for the love of...

Todays news is extremely infuriating. My response, and I'm trying to keep this as short and civil as I possibly can is as follows:

Pro-tip assholes, snooping the entire country's communications data will simply result in an explosion of encryption tech. It will not help catch 'terrorists' or 'paedophiles', two very popular buzzwords when playing the irrational fear card in order to stifle real debate, and all that will happen is that such information will be abused by the state or hacked and abused by criminals. We do not need more laws, the security services do not need more powers. Back the fuck off and give us back our privacy you incompetent, lying, pernicious fucking cunts.